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The Largest Building Ever Built in the History of Construction

June 8, 2023

Forming solutions to the climate issues of our modern life, The Line is an ambitious project focused on improving the way we live. North of the Red Sea, in the Tabuk Province of Saudi Arabia, The Line is a region within the ‘under construction’ smart city of Neom. As a revolutionary development, The Line brings construction into the future. It is an opportunity to move beyond the bounds of traditional architectural and engineering practices and invest in an efficiency that can be sustained. For example, the suburbs making up The Line will be pre-engineered and built, then pieced together like an assembly kit. This process controls quality and dimension, optimising the construction process and making possible the goal to have one million people living in The Line by 2030. 170km in length,and only 200m wide, by 2045 it will accommodate space for 9 million people.

Constructing The Line changes how we build and live in cities, from harnessing renewable and solar energy, to creating legacy-free infrastructure. With concern for the climate in mind,Directors of the project will progressively roll out features of the city, meaning; additional stadiums, opera houses, cinemas, and Hospitals will come about when population growth calls for it. These innovative methods make The Line a city of the future, inspiring ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. This invites new generations of engineers and builders to consider what changes they can bring to the industry as well.

Sources: NEOM ‘The Line’

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